Triveni Mandir

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Sister's Road, Hardbargain, Williamsville, Trinidad

About Triveni Mandir

The Triveni Mandir is a majestic site off Sister’s Road in the village of Hardbargain, Williamsville with spires reaching toward the sky.

In 1946, a cultural organization was formed consisting of members from St. Julien, Dyers Village and Hardbargain and thus began the journey of the Triveni Mandir. As the cultural organization grew, a need for a base of operations emerged. On a parcel of land donated by the late Roopnarine Singh, a kutiya or wooden hut was built and later expanded to be called the Sister’s Road Hindu Temple.

Between 1970 and 1974, a larger, stronger structure was completed and the name of the temple changed to “Triveni”. Derived from the spot in India where the three holy rivers – the Ganges, Jamuna and Saraswati converge, this name honoured the humble beginnings of the temple by bringing together three communities.

The temple has since undergone two major changes since its origin – one in the late 1980’s which was completed in 1992 to upgrade the architecture and a complete rebuild in April 2001 which was completed in November 2003. Unfortunately, an integral member of the temple’s history – Shree Rampersad Ramrattan Ramoon Singh – was unable to witness its latest transformation due to his passing in September 2003. Regarded as the mastermind of the temple’s last construction venture and a great friend and teacher, Shree Rampersad Ramrattan Ramoon Singh and his contributions have been immortalized with a plaque at the entrance to the main hall.

The Triveni Mandir is a palatial place of worship and true work of art. It is beautifully detailed, with waterfalls, fountains and huge elephant sculptures outside and stained-glass windows and ornate paintings by local artists on the inside. The inside also boasts a large main hall bordered by the Raamdharbar and several sanctums to different deities. These sanctums or domes consist of the Radha Krishna dome, the Shivala dome and the Devi dome which house exquisite marble murtis and religious tile work.

The Triveni Mandir affords its membership as well as the community as a whole the forum to participate and learn various aspects of the Hindu culture and tradition, such as Bhajan singing, Indian dance, Indian music and Chowtaal singing. It is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions and is open to visitors seeking to learn more about the temple’s history, infrastructure and teachings. The Triveni Mandir remains guided by and devoted to their motto “Dharma Rakshite Rakshitaha” – Dharma Protects Those Who Protect Dharma.

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