San Fernando Hill

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San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago

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About San Fernando Hill


San Fernando Hill rises up on the outskirts of Trinidad’s second city in the south-land.
It has been transformed from a towering rocky outcrop over the years, to a less towering, but still impressive natural landmark complete with relaxation spots as well as an information center and other facilities. Its designation as a national landmark, heritage site and recreational park was bestowed in the 1980s, after quarrying was stopped in the 1970s.

Even so, it is still a steep and winding climb or drive to the top one of Trinidad’s most scenic spots, that offers stunning views of the city, its environs and beyond. Remnants of its former granduer still remain, jutting out like pointed reminders. The San Fernando Hill National Heritage Park has for many years, provided a welcoming atmosphere for locals, tourists, nature lovers alike. Its winding road is lined with natural vegetation which has held and beautified the hill for decades.

Historical records show that the original hill was called Anaparima by the Amerindians. This meant ‘single hill’. It was a sacred place of worship for them, which explains why the Warao Indians travelled by canoe from the Orinoco Delta, across the Gulf of Paria, thereby making an annual pilgrimage to the Hill.
In 1595 Walter Raleigh is said to have called it “the mountain forte” and it was Governor Lord Harris who in the mid 1800s, built about 400 steps some way up the hillside to admire the views. Today it is accessible to all who wish to enjoy a tranquil and picturesque space overlooking the southern city.