Maracas Beach

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North Coast Road, Maracas, Trinidad

About Maracas Beach

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Maracas Bay and its world renowned Maracas Beach has become synonymous with Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival. Maracas Beach is often described as the ultimate after Carnival spot to be in Trinidad, but its attraction works in and out of season nonetheless. Locals and visitors flock to this north coast 2km stretch of sandy beach that is protected by a deep bay and washed by turbulent waves that seem to insist on a reputation of being able to humble even the best swimmers. Surfers stand to do better at winning the battle with the waves!

Several routes will get you to Maracas Beach. The most popular though, is via Port-of-Spain through Santa Cruz or San Juan which brings you to the landmark concrete pillars, then on to the North Coast Road. It might seem longer, but the 16 km distance from the city, only takes about an hour’s drive to arrive. It may be that winding road that seems to cling to the edges of the northern mountain range, that forces vehicles to go slowly, as passengers peer over the steep mountain drops! Quite an adventure even before you get to the beach!

On arrival visitors are spoilt for choice. Challenging decisions need to be made, not only about your pick of a beach spot, but also about the choice of a bake and shark vendor! Colorfully named vendors vye for customers with their best bake & shark offerings. They say that the sauce makes all the difference … be it the garlic, the tamarind, the pepper sauce or any combination you desire. Your dilemma about a beach spot sorts itself out with just a glance or gaze at the sandy options that are available. The virtual tour will also take care of that challenge!

Just a short distance before Maracas Beach you will find the rustic mountain-top hideaway, Mohagany Ridge Bed and Breakfast. A turn off the North Coast Road on to Fond Pois Doux Road, will get you to accomodation with vistas of the Caribbean Sea, Tobago and even Venezuela in the distant south.

Beyond Maracas Beach lies others beaches such as Hundred Steps Beach, Tyrico Beach, Yarra Beach, Las Cuevas Beach and others … all with their own unique charm and attraction. You might even choose to go on to the villages of Blanchisseuse, Matelot or all the way to Galera Pt, in Toco, at the north eastern tip of Trinidad!

Get to Maracas Beach! Get your bake and shark with sauce! But first, take the trip from where you sit! Soak up the views!

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