L’eau Michel Mud Volcano

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Bunsee Trace, Penal, Trinidad & Tobago

About L’eau Michel Mud Volcano

On top of the hills of Bun­see Trace, Penal, the L’Eau Michel mud vol­cano quietly bubbles away surrounded by cane fields and teak forests. This hidden gem is located 4km south inside Bunsee Trace, just off the Penal Rock Road and requires a moderate hike of 30-40 minutes along rolling terrain and an agricultural, dirt road.

When you reach the site, you are greeted by car­rat sheds, con­crete bench­es and chul­has constructed by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to make the area a recreational site. Note that there are no bathroom facilities available.

Once this magnificent volcano comes into view, visitors are treated to a wet type volcano with mud rising in the form of bubbles and then flowing down the sides of the cone, trailing away from the centre in all directions, with its outpourings covering an area of an acre. While visitors may be deterred by the “Do Not Step into the Volcano” sign, another nearby “Be safe” sign is to remind persons to exercise caution. Those who venture into the volcano experience cool mud that is semi solid and liquid enough to bathe in. One interesting feature is that the den­si­ty of the mud and the en­trained gas with­in the vol­cano creates a delightful float­ing sen­sa­tion.

For those who are more adventurous, the site includes a man-made slide ending in a small muddy pond. And for the even more adventurous, a further 30 minute hike leads you to the southern coast to L’eau Michel Beach for a refreshing sea bath.