Digity Mud Volcano

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Picton Estate Rd, Debe, Trinidad and Tobago

About Digity Mud Volcano

The Digity Mud Volcano is located just off the main Clark Rochard Rd.Road, that connects the town of Penal to the village of Barrackpore in South Trinidad. Just a few miles to the south of the Digity you will find another mud volcano … the L’eau Michel Mud Volcano at Bunsee Trace, off the Penal Rock Road.

Digity Mud Volcano is visible from the main road as it stands at a height of about 20ft, which makes it possible to climb to the top. The mound is surrounded by agricultural land, formerly sugar cane fields, with the Godineau River on one side. Abandoned oifield lines can also be spotted in the area. There is a story that this mud volcano swallowed up an oil pump or oil dolly, years ago! Some old oil dollies can still be spotted in the area. There is also evidence of a train track that transported sugar cane from the scale to the sugar-cane factory in St. Madeleine several years ago. This location brings together some important aspects of the heritage of Trinidad & Tobago.

Activity within the mud volcano seems to be related to the two seasons, since there is less activity in the dry season and more in the wet or rainy season. Visitors have approximately 6 months in each season from which to choose to visit, depending on the desired adventure! Either way, a visit to Digity will be both relaxing and educational. Seats, sheds other facilities are dotted around the mound for those who want to make a quick visit or maybe linger longer to observe the gas and mud bubbles as they show up. You can bring your refreshments or buy them from local stalls and shops along the way. If you’re looking to get off the beaten track then Digity Mud Volcano is a sure bet!

Remember that even though this is one of those mud volcanoes where you can get close enough to look inside the small crater, proceeding with caution is always advised. Of course you can take lots of photos at the Digity Mud Volcano, but given its size and shape you might not be able to take a mud bath!